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Network Hubs and Switch Switch DCN 5750 Series
Network Hubs and Switch Switch DCN 5750 Series
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Product Overview:

The Digital China DCRS-5750 series switches are 10G IPv6
Ethernet Layer 3 lite switch. There are 4 types switch for this
family. The product family includes DCRS-5750-28T-DC, DCRS-
5750-52T-DC, DCRS-5750-28T-POE and DCRS-5750-52T-POE.
All products support IPv6 with hardware and pass the IPv6 form
certification Phase II. All products comply with the RoHS standard.
The DCRS-5750 series products are ideal for aggregation layer of
large networks or core layer device of small networks. The DCRS-
5750 series products include over 24 GE/48GE ports and max 4
10GE ports can deployed in Data Center application, gigabit to
desk application, L3 to edge application.


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